Start-Up Ep 13/14 Highlights

Did #StartUp episodes 13 and 14 met the “glow-up” I was waiting for? I think, yes. I believe that Dosan is more confident about his skills and talent now, knowing what he can do, and what his talent is worth. I also think that he has matured enough to take into consideration the feelings ofContinue reading “Start-Up Ep 13/14 Highlights”

Start-Up Ep 11 Highlights

I was thinking of waiting for Ep 12 to finish but I had just to note this while it’s fresh in my mind 😅 1. Episode 11 showcased scenarios where our leads learned their lessons. 📍Do San- he was tempted to raise the accuracy rate of human recognition but chose to be honest this timeContinue reading “Start-Up Ep 11 Highlights”

Start-Up: Not so Random Thoughts

I started to lose interest in the series not because of how the story is going but because of some toxic fans who cannot differentiate liking a character over liking their favorite actor(s). It was fun at first… having Team Do San and Team Ji Pyeong made the story exciting because we have TWO qualifiedContinue reading “Start-Up: Not so Random Thoughts”