Start-Up Ep 11 Highlights

I was thinking of waiting for Ep 12 to finish but I had just to note this while it’s fresh in my mind 😅

1. Episode 11 showcased scenarios where our leads learned their lessons.

📍Do San- he was tempted to raise the accuracy rate of human recognition but chose to be honest this time and were able to highlight the strength of their app instead.


📍 Jipyeong- when Samsam Tech won, he reflected on what he said to them prior the demo day. He realized, he may have been “too harsh” and thought that maybe, Yongsan’s brother was right.


Side note on this item though: when I watched the flashback to Yongsan’s brother pitch and Jipyeong questions, I am sad that he had to resort in taking his life because of those words (which were way tamer on how Jipyeong was with Samsam Tech AND way more sensible to the scolds I personally heard when I was working in the corporate world). I know some people may want to tell me I’m rude, but I am telling you, there are lots more ruder people than me, or Jipyeong that you will encounter. I have had my own share of cryfest when I worked in my last company but looking back, I think that person (may he rest in peace) actually contributed towards my improvement as a person and as a professional.

But of course, Jipyeong could further improve if he would have more tact when saying his criticisms (like kiss kick kiss approach maybe)— the fault with him, he rarely kiss, he always kicks 🤣🤣🤣

2. Samsam Tech Team’s bonding in the rooftop office that led to think of a new probable venture in the future


3. Dal Mi’s Aha moment: I think Dal Mi realized that her heart is leaning towards the real Nam Do San as shown in the epilogue.


4. Jipyeong is concerned about Samsam Tech as a whole and not just with Dalmi. When he learned of the acquisition of Samsam Tech through his blabbermouth assistant, he immediately rushed off to stop the meeting with 2STO but he was stopped by Yongsan because of his animosity towards Jipyeong.


Sidenote on this item: As shown in the preview to episode 12, it was shown that Jipyeong was probably right about 2STO “Acqhiring” hiring talents in guise of acquisition. A lesson for this is that we sometimes have to let go of our personal emotions when doing business. As much as we adore the kind and approachable people around it’s always not the case, remember Alex saying, he is not a philanthropist.


5. Dalmi’s sacrifice-with the looks of it in the preview , Dalmi advertently implied to him how he is not the Dosan from the letters so that Dosan would choose to go to Silicon Valley. She has to hurt him so that he would not cling to her and forego the opportunity.


Last Note:

I think there’ll be a time skip of some sort for the series. I’m looking forward to how they will overcome this hurdle.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 13 and 14 Recap

screen capture from episode 14 (KBS)

OMG?! What did just happened? This scene here is freaking breaking my heart 😭

Why Jun? Why? Although I am anticipating that there should be some sort of time skip to a time where Jun is already established so he could freely love Ra Ra, I didn’t expect that they have to part ways like this 😭

What could be the reason? is it a compromise since he asked his parents to buy the building that he has to break up with her?

Btw, I’m glad that Mr. Moon turned out to be a good person after all and that he just found his passion in acting.

Last week, next week!

Start-Up: Not so Random Thoughts

Apologies for cropping out In Jae’s character

I started to lose interest in the series not because of how the story is going but because of some toxic fans who cannot differentiate liking a character over liking their favorite actor(s).

It was fun at first… having Team Do San and Team Ji Pyeong made the story exciting because we have TWO qualified characters- DO SAN and JI PYEONG (NOT Nam Joo Hyuk and KIM SEON HO) vying for SEO DAL MI’ s attention (not BAE SUZY).

But as weeks passed, I can already see people mocking the ACTORS themselves. Like, WTH. Nam Joo Hyuk stans mocking Kim Seon Ho’s popularity and Kim Seon Ho stans challenging Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting skills. They are really out of line.

I like both actors (but I love Kim Seon Ho more-yes self confessed stan since Good Manager days)  but I watched all of their series (except for Surplus Princess and Glamorous Temptation for Joo Hyuk). Both are very good actors, I particularly loved Kim Seon Ho in You Drive Me Crazy and I loved Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting in The Light in Your Eyes.

I’m just triggered to post this because I read one group post saying that those who love Ji Pyeong likes sob stories that’s why they root for him. Please. I hope he thought of his sentence first before generalizing those who like Jipyeong as shallow, pity-party people who goes for sob stories.

Let me clarify first: BOTH (Dosan and Jipyeong) have their own sob stories to tell. Actually, all the characters have their own sob stories 😌 But let’s focus on the two male leads.

-Jipyeong being an orphan, growing up without family and struggled hard to make ends meet.

-Dosan who’s self-confidence was destroyed by the pressure from his parents and everyone around him.

I personally can relate to Dosan (I was an honor and accelerated student when I was young) and I had rebel in my own way instead of keeping up with the pressure… but that’s a different story to tell.

But why do I like Ji Pyeong if not for his sob story? Because despite growing up alone, he managed to live a good life with his own genius and hard work. He did not let his “sob story” get in the way of becoming a better person. He didn’t had a home? Food to eat? He has that now (view of Han River) but he still lacks affection (hello, Yeongsil!) and halmeoni is the closest person he can call a family.

Some would would say, they don’t like Jipyeong because he didn’t expressed his feelings first. It may be a flaw for some, but for me, it’s more real and sincere. Why? Yes, they have exchanged letters which comforted them in the past but you are only seeing that person now after 15 years. Is it not normal for someone to “analyze” his feelings first before delving into a relationship? Is it not right to sort out his feelings first whether what he feels is gratitude (towards halmeoni), pity (because Dalmi didn’t go to University) or he cares because he loves her? I actually applaud him for not jumping the gun unless he was sure… and when he was sure, HE CONFESSED without expecting any feelings in return.

Don’t you think that it’s actually Dosan who “loved” too early? He has only known Dalmi for months (and through a pretend relationship at that). He “loves” Dalmi because she supports him and believes in him (not really thinking whether the support was for him or the Dosan from 15 years)… his love is too pure and innocent for real life scenarios. It was like “love at first sight” and his love for her is because she makes him feel good about himself. In reality, this love is at the early stage of crush (not even sure if you can call it love). When he caused a scene in In Jae’s step-father’s office it was remarkable moment that Dal Mi can look back on (the risk of failing to get an investment to protect the emotional well being of Dalmi).

6 more episodes to go and lots of things can still happen.

What I hope is for everyone to have their own happy ending.

I hope Jipyeong finds his happiness (even not with Dalmi). I hope he finds someone who will love him as he is (because he’s doing well now!) — wag niyong problemahin si Kim Seon Ho nasa puso ko na yun, hindi ko yun papabayaan!

I hope Dosan finds HIMSELF. Free from his parents pressure, I hope he will succeed with what he is good at. I hope he becomes successful not because he wants to be THAT person to Dalmi (the one in the suit) but because he maximized his God given gifts and talents to make sure he won’t feel insecure to anyone anymore.

I hope Dalmi remains steadfast and strong and be happy with whom ever she will choose in the future… but more importantly, I hope she succeeds as a person first and love will find its way to her.

The Uncanny Counter Teasers

The Uncanny Counter’s Main trailer and character teasers

OCN’s upcoming drama The Uncanny Counter will premiere this November 17 and will be taking over the Saturday-Sunday slot of the recently concluded Search.

More Than Friends to postpone airing of Final Episodes this week as COVID-19 precaution

On November 15, JTBC’s MORE THAN FRIENDS has released the following statement:

One of the actors in the JTBC drama “More Than Friends” tested negative for COVID-19 on November 13. However, in accordance with guidelines regarding infection prevention, as well as for the safety of the cast and crew, we will temporarily stop filming and postpone the airdates of episodes 15 and 16.

Episodes 15 and 16 of “More Than Friends” will now air on November 27 and 28.

This is a safety measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as to ensure the proper completion of the drama up to its final episode, so we ask for the understanding of viewers who love “More Than Friends.”

Kim Dong Joon, who is on quarantine already tested negative but the production will have to follow government guidelines on exposure to infected individuals.

Hoping for everyone’s good health and safety.