Mr. Queen: More than meets the eye

Episode 1 and 2 of Mr. Queen and I can say that it will be a roller coaster of emotions. It started of with a good background of how Jang Bong Hwan (Choi Jin Hyuk) is as a person and how did he end up being trapped inside Queen So Yong’s body (Kim Hye Sun).Continue reading “Mr. Queen: More than meets the eye”

Start-Up Ep 13/14 Highlights

Did #StartUp episodes 13 and 14 met the “glow-up” I was waiting for? I think, yes. I believe that Dosan is more confident about his skills and talent now, knowing what he can do, and what his talent is worth. I also think that he has matured enough to take into consideration the feelings ofContinue reading “Start-Up Ep 13/14 Highlights”

Start-Up Ep 12 Highlights

Start-Up Episode 12 HighlightsSPOILER ALERT These were emotional scenes where I can’t help but ugly cry. Dosan foregoing his pride with the guy he’s most competitive with for halmeoni’s sake Jipyeong witnessing firsthand how Noongil was helping halmeoni and that halmeoni is indeed losing her sight… and he reflects towards his words and realizes hisContinue reading “Start-Up Ep 12 Highlights”

Start-Up Ep 11 Highlights

I was thinking of waiting for Ep 12 to finish but I had just to note this while it’s fresh in my mind 😅 1. Episode 11 showcased scenarios where our leads learned their lessons. 📍Do San- he was tempted to raise the accuracy rate of human recognition but chose to be honest this timeContinue reading “Start-Up Ep 11 Highlights”

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 13 and 14 Recap

OMG?! What did just happened? This scene here is freaking breaking my heart 😭 Why Jun? Why? Although I am anticipating that there should be some sort of time skip to a time where Jun is already established so he could freely love Ra Ra, I didn’t expect that they have to part ways likeContinue reading “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 13 and 14 Recap”

Start-Up: Not so Random Thoughts

I started to lose interest in the series not because of how the story is going but because of some toxic fans who cannot differentiate liking a character over liking their favorite actor(s). It was fun at first… having Team Do San and Team Ji Pyeong made the story exciting because we have TWO qualifiedContinue reading “Start-Up: Not so Random Thoughts”

More Than Friends to postpone airing of Final Episodes this week as COVID-19 precaution

On November 15, JTBC’s MORE THAN FRIENDS has released the following statement: One of the actors in the JTBC drama “More Than Friends” tested negative for COVID-19 on November 13. However, in accordance with guidelines regarding infection prevention, as well as for the safety of the cast and crew, we will temporarily stop filming andContinue reading “More Than Friends to postpone airing of Final Episodes this week as COVID-19 precaution”

Ongoing Drama: Kairos

It was revealed in the last episode that Kang Hyun Chae (played by Nam Gyu Ri) is alive as well as her daughter. Although I already had an inkling of her extra marital relationship with Seo Do Kyun (Ahn Bo Yun) I am still wondering why do they have to go to such great lengthsContinue reading “Ongoing Drama: Kairos”