About Hallyu Enthusiast

Ajumma fangirl, a HALLYU ENTHUSIAST.
Ayan alam na baket 🙈

Ajumma Fangirl is my fan account. First because I am a fan girl and next, an ajumma. Why put emphasis on the ajumma? Setting of expectations? Char. Some people might consider my contents or posts boring, para alam niyo lang!


Hallyu refers to the Korean Wave, includes, but not limited to Korean Dramas, Korean celebrities, KPop music and idols, food, tourism, make-up and anything that plays a big role in promoting the Korean culture.

Enthusiast means one who is ardently attached to a cause, object or pursuit. Also someone absorbed in that interest.

So I see myself as a Hallyu Enthusiast because of my interest in Korean Dramas, their celebrities, music and idols. And of course, I would want to go to their country for food, make-up, and oppa sight-seeing ! 😅

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