KDrama Review: Cheat On Me If You Can

Cheat On Me If You Can/If I Cheat, I Die


16 episodes (Dec 2, 2020-Jan 28, 2021)



Cho Yeo Jeong as Kang Yeo Joo

Go Joon as Han Woo Sung

Kim Young Dae as Cha Soo Ho

Yeon Woo as Ko Mi Rae


Kang Yeon Joo is a best-selling author of crime novels, married to the lawyer with a reputation as the National Husband, Han Woo Sung.

THE Feels:

This series is serious with the genre, mystery-suspense… it is a black comedy that tackles love, trust, marriage, justice and politics that will keep you in the edge until the last episode.

All the main leads have “double” characters. Kang Yeo Joo always acts cold and  nonchalant towards the people around her and a know-it all when it comes to solving crimes mysteries but she is very vulnerable, warm-hearted and even oblivious to her husband’s cheating.

Han Woo Sung appears to be a loving husband but is actually a notorious playboy.

Cha Soo Hoo is a cool NIS agent that acts as “subconsciously” lovesick assistant who wants to protect Yeo Joo despite his doubts about her.

Ko Mi Rae lives as a simple art student but in reality a chaebol heiress married to a chaebol husband.

The story will make you wonder about what really happened until the end, it has lots of funny moments and gave me a serious cry on the 31st episode (first half of 16th episode).

The ending will just make you wonder if it’s one of those “prank/threat” of Kang Yeo Joo to her husband or is it now for real?

Also, I am a bit sad about Woo Sung (I wanted to like him because he “loves” Yeo Joo but my blood boils with his infidelity and how two-faced he is.

Definitely lowkey shipped Yeo Joo with his assistant!

📸 screenshot from Viu

THE Rating


Pacing-4 (may be slow-paced for some viewers)

Actors-5 (great casts. I really find Cho Yeo Jeong so pretty and eerily mysterious-nice acting! Go Jun and Kim Young Dae both have great chemistry with the FL)

Characters-4 (I have a love hate relationship with Han Woo Sung)

Entertainment Value- 4 (mysterious until the end)

Rate: 4.4/5

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