KDrama Review: Kairos

Kairos (2020)

MBC/16 episodes



Shin Sung Rok as Kim Seo Jin

Lee Se Young as Han Ae Ri

Ahn Bo Yun as Seo Do Kyun

Nam Gyu Ri as Kang Hyun Chae

Kang Seung Yoon as Im Geun Wook


Kim Seo Jin is the youngest executive at a conglomerate construction company, with a beautiful violinist wife and a daughter.

Han Ae Ri is a kindhearted daughter, who’s both studying and working part time to save for her mother’s operation.

One day, Ae Ri lost her mobile phone, only to contact the new owner of the phone, Kim Seo Jin who lives one month in the future. As they talked despite the time gap, their realized that their lives depend on their nightly miracle calls.

THE Feels:

Kairos is one of 2020’s hidden gem. It has the elements of suspense and mystery that will keep you in the edge every episode.

I didn’t watched the premiere on its first night and kinda hold off the first episode… but once I started it, I found myself looking forward to the next episodes.

I always anticipate their 10:33 conversations and wonder how much of the future they can change.

Despite it’s fantasy/mystery genre, Kairos also has elements of makjang wherein you’d think how unfortunate are the twisted fates of Seo Jin and Ae Ri are. Nam Gyu Ri’s character as Kang Hyun Chae can also compete as one of the most hated characters this 2020. Imagine her angelic face but her evil, scheming deeds.

I also applaud the production for making it easier to understand the time gaps. It initially started with two-toned schemes for each time and eventually even putting in time stamps so that the audience will not be lost about the time they are talking and of the events that are happening and/or will happen.

This particular scene had a great impact on me.

It reminds us that we cannot always blame the bad things or unfortunate happenings in our life to do wrong things. We do have a choice. Hyun Chae’s greed knows no bound, the prosecutor asked her a question, why do you need to do all that? Why not just divorce her husband? She wanted everything. She wanted to live with the love of her life and her daughter but didn’t want to give up the luxury of living with Seo Jin and she even wanted more. The reactions to our actions will eventually find its way back to us. Good for good, bad for bad.

All in all, Kairos is a great series that is worth to watch.

Elements Rating.



Actors-5 (love all the actors. Kudos to all casts!)

Characters-5 (I will miss Kim Seo Jin and Han Ae Ri— all characters, even the support roles have great contributions to the plot line— special mention to the characters of Kim Jin Ho, Han Ae Ri’s mom, Chairman Yu and Lee Taek Gyu)

Entertainment Value- 5

THE Rate: 5/5

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