Start-Up Ep 13/14 Highlights

Did #StartUp episodes 13 and 14 met the “glow-up” I was waiting for?

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I think, yes. I believe that Dosan is more confident about his skills and talent now, knowing what he can do, and what his talent is worth. I also think that he has matured enough to take into consideration the feelings of Dalmi (albeit a misunderstanding).

Yongsan’s character “glow up” was the most prominent. His emotional wound was healed and even apologized to Jipyeong for blaming him about his brother’s death. And he was even bold enough to ask for “criticism” (Jipyeong’s honest opinion) about what the three of them should do (whether they do another Start-Up business or partner with Dalmi’s company).

one of my fave scene in Episode 14. Both have matured in the past 3 years, both owning their mistakes.

As for Chulsan, he had the “physical glow-up” that could now match Sang Ha’s elite aura… although still a bit clueless when it comes to dating, I’m happy that he’s also confident enough to “brag” their achievements and success story.

Not only did the three had “glow-ups”’or character developments.

The Seo sisters’ mother also had a glow-up. She’s no longer a mother who cares about wealth but now feels sincere gratitude and appreciation towards the people around her.

In Jae will finally dissolve her adoption, freeing herself from that Won family.


Loopholes of this episode:

Three years have passed yet:

Jipyeong who has already confessed his feelings towards Dalmi before and spends the holidays with the family, eventually still didn’t knew what “Dalmi” likes (Big hands scene)

After spending I don’t know how many holidays together, Dalmi is still “uncomfortable” with Jipyeong

*I am not saying that they should have been together. In that three years there should have been a clearer “relationship” between Dalmi and Jipyeong — whether friend-zoned/sibling-zoned not paint Jipyeong as still a clueless, coward guy (he confessed while eating ramen just to be honest then he becomes that?)

Injae didn’t have an inkling that halmeoni is losing her eyesight? Really? Is she that cold hearted not to even ask how she was doing yet when she knew and saw for herself halmeoni’s situation she was prompted to dissolve her adoption (still I’m glad she did)

The three years that passed seemed vague and unclear at some point.

Also, just saying this. Jipyeong came clean to Dalmi about the elevator talk with Dosan (as he was just trying to hold off Dosan to see Dalmi as per her request not to be seen crying by others). So please stop throwing shades to the guy.

He even told her that she could still catch up with him… so where’s being manipulative there?

Last two episodes and we all know it will be Dalmi and Dosan (as also predicted based from their poster 😅), again reiterating my hopes… a happy ending for the everyone and justice for those who deserve it 😉

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