IU: GQ Korea’s Woman of the Year talks about her musical career, insomnia, Self-love and her upcoming album

📸 GQ

IU who just celebrated her 12th Anniversary in the biz has just been chosen by the men’s fashion magazine GQ Korea’s Woman of the Year. In the interview for the magazine, she talked about her musical career, her insomnia, self-love and her upcoming album.

It was mentioned that IU have already written 54 songs. IU said that out of these songs she can immediately think of “Knees”, “Heart” and “BBIBBI” as ones she’s proudest of. The reporter said that she mentioned in Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook how Knees was written about adults who can’t sleep at night.

📸 GQ

IU said that she’s been suffering from insomnia since she was 20 and the hospital said that she’s not able to sleep at night because she’s on guard against something. The singer-songwriter, actress said that she’s trying to follow a steadier routine these days where she wakes up around 9-10AM and sleeps around midnight unlike before where her sleep patterns were crazy.


IU also talked about herself in terms of “self-love” and “self-esteem”. The singer said that it was only late that she realized that self-love and self-esteem are two different things. She loves and cherish herself but she still feels that she’s lacking. She said that whether she’s lacking or not, she love herself.

📸 GQ

IU said that they are already preparing for an album. She plans to release it next year and the concept will be greeting/farewell because it will be her last album in her twenties.

📸 GQ

IU said that since she debuted when she was 18, people have seen her since her mid-teens, but her whole twenties have been spent in the spotlight.

I wanted to share a word of greeting/farewell to those who have been watching over me… not in a sorrowful way, but in a bright way!


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