KDrama Review: Train

Train (2020)

OCN/12 episodes




Yoon Si Yoon as Seo Do Won (A)

📸 soompi

Yoon Si Yoon as Seo Do Won (B)

📸 soompi

Kyung Soo Jin as Han Seo Kyung (A)


Kyung Soo Jin as Han Seo Kyung (B)

📸 soompi

Lee Hang Na as Oh Mi Sook


Seo Do Won is a  detective that lost Han Seo Kyung, his love. In order to find the truth about her death, he crosses the boundary into another world.


If you like mystery and crime drama, Train will not disappoint.

What I liked about it was it kept me fictating at first who was the culprit, I found myself “talking” to Do Won that he should realize that if there’s 2 version of him and Seo Kyung, he should also take into account the “versions” of the culprit.

I was saddened by Ms. Oh’s part in the crime, not only because we were namesake, but also because how Do Won have high regards of her. In Do Won’s World A, she took care of him as if her own child (unknowing of the hidden intention).

I especially loved the final episode when everything came to light. I also love the conversation between the culprit mother-son convo:

“ if you were truly my mom, you should have put your handcuff on me.  You should have stopped me. Until when will  you let me turn into a monster?”

That would be an eye-opener for any parents. How is it to protect or love your child? When they are doing things that they should not do, do we protect them by hiding their faults and their flaws OR do we protect them by making them pay for the consequences of their actions?

In terms of acting, Yoon Si Yoon was great. He had these two unique aura for Seo Do Won A and B. And it was not just the hairstyle that changed, but even how the eyes glare or look, was different. So kudos to Si Yoon’s great acting (as usual).

The only downside I find in this series is that the FL seems lacking in many aspects (apologies to Soo Jin stans). As a prosecutor in World A and as a detective in World B, she lacks the “energy” and “charisma” of a strong woman who’s seeking for justice and/or revenge. And I know that there were no skinship whatsoever, but because her energy was low most of the times in the series, I did not feel any chemistry between the two leads.

Last note and question for the viewers as well: If you knew your fate, what will you do differently in the other world? Would you avoid the things that have hurt you and your loved ones in the other world? Or would you try and change things with the hope it will be a different fate this time?

I also liked the idea that in the last scene they showed a different universe wherein there’s a world C. It made us, the viewers want more.

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Acting-4 (Si Yoon was great but the FL is lacking)


Entertainment Value-4.5


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