Start-Up Ep 12 Highlights

Start-Up Episode 12 Highlights

These were emotional scenes where I can’t help but ugly cry.

Dosan foregoing his pride with the guy he’s most competitive with for halmeoni’s sake

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Jipyeong witnessing firsthand how Noongil was helping halmeoni and that halmeoni is indeed losing her sight… and he reflects towards his words and realizes his flaws.

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Jipyeong refuting halmeoni’s claim that he is a good boy. Here you can see that he’s still trying to put up walls as a defense mechanism out of shame— for not knowing her condition and for being helpless at that time.

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Halmeoni once again opens up the wall and heart of Jipyeong. Jipyeong’s apologies, his cries really made my eyes and heart cry! 😭 I love every scene with Jipyeong and halmeoni!

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Episode 12 showed the viewers the reality of Start-Ups it’s just sad that I see comments on Facebook still blaming Han Jipyeong for not helping Samsam Tech.

Chingus, in the real world, billionaires don’t just spend money like that. Let’s say that Jipyeong cares for Dalmi (we are not even sure how much is his total net worth) but he can’t spend 6B won just to help out the company for an error their “leaders” made. Let’s remember that he tried to stop that from happening but the emotional Yongsan stopped him. It was him trying to help Samsam Tech there but at that time, they didn’t was his help. Dosan doesn’t want him to be the Plan B nor Yongsan doesn’t want him to interfere. Is it still his fault?

He did tried to talk to Alex (of 2STO) about Noongil when he learned of halmeoni’s condition right? Here you can see him putting an effort… why? because it’s not like him to ask favors… also, he has to put his ego down to ask someone to continue supporting a product that he initially thought that wasn’t going to work. He is letting his emotions rule this time.

Based from the episode 13 preview, many are already hoping that Jipyeong has a chance at Dalmi’s heart after 3 years. I wouldn’t go that far. I think when the preview showed Jipyeong saying that he has the right when Dosan asked him if he could talk to Dalmi, I’m not sure but I think it’s a right other than romantic. As an investor or business partner maybe?

4 more episodes to go and we know lots can still happen in that time. Let’s enjoy watching the rest of the episodes!

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