KDrama Review: Search

Search (2020)

OCN/10 episodes



Jang Dong Yoon as Yong Dong Jin


Krystal Jung as Son Ye Rim


Yoon Park as Song Min Kyu


Lee Hyun Wook as Lee Joon Sung


Moon Jeong Hee as Kim Da Jung



Yong Dong Jin, a military dog handler, has only weeks left until his discharge from military when a special mission was created to hunt down a mysterious target in the Secror 21 of the DMZ area. The group will be joined by Son Ye Rim, an elite officer of the KCST, and Dong Jin’s ex lover.

THE Feels:

Search started out pretty interesting for me. With a military concept fused with the unnatural, I was drawn to the story.

I believe that this series would have been better if they added more episodes as there were questions that were left unanswered after its 10th episode:

-Yoon Park’s character. Why was he supposed to be incarcerated before going to the special mission. What crime did he commit? Or did he have a fight with the higher ups? Was he fighting for something- a secret he wanted to reveal, a plot that he was planning or was he just a problematic soldier that needs to be disciplined? I think there’s more to his character that was unexplained.

-Why did Dong Jin and Ye Rim broke-up? There was a slight hint that they fought because Dong Jin is sensitive when his father was mentioned but that was just about it. Them being exes really didn’t bring anything to the story. They seem and acted like just any other former colleagues who knew each other a little well.

-Ye Rim being the daughter of the North Korean defectors. In the start, it looks like that’s one big plot that will have to be unraveled in the end but the revelation turned out to be just an in passing scene. 

There were nice things about the drama though:

-Casting was great.

  • Yeon Woo Jin as Jang Dong Yoon’s father is a great choice because they both have this aura of boyish yet manly charms.
  • Krystal Jung as an elite officer. I think Krystal’s naturally cold demeanor makes her great for roles like this.
  • Jang Dong Yoon, Yoon Park and Lee Hyun  Wook also did great jobs in their roles.

-Kim Da Jung’s character was interesting. I like her scenes how from being a tour guide she was a fighting machine who came from an elite squad.

-Mac! Search. I like how even after Mac’s retirement in the military he was still with Dong Jin.

My takeaway from this series? Not everything we know is the truth. There are truth that are hidden in lies that were made to be facts. Be vigilant.

So, I’ll rate Search as:

Story- 4 (nice concept but fell short)

Pacing- 3.5 (abrupt ending)



Entertainment Value-4

RATE: 4/5

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