Start-Up Ep 11 Highlights

I was thinking of waiting for Ep 12 to finish but I had just to note this while it’s fresh in my mind 😅

1. Episode 11 showcased scenarios where our leads learned their lessons.

📍Do San- he was tempted to raise the accuracy rate of human recognition but chose to be honest this time and were able to highlight the strength of their app instead.


📍 Jipyeong- when Samsam Tech won, he reflected on what he said to them prior the demo day. He realized, he may have been “too harsh” and thought that maybe, Yongsan’s brother was right.


Side note on this item though: when I watched the flashback to Yongsan’s brother pitch and Jipyeong questions, I am sad that he had to resort in taking his life because of those words (which were way tamer on how Jipyeong was with Samsam Tech AND way more sensible to the scolds I personally heard when I was working in the corporate world). I know some people may want to tell me I’m rude, but I am telling you, there are lots more ruder people than me, or Jipyeong that you will encounter. I have had my own share of cryfest when I worked in my last company but looking back, I think that person (may he rest in peace) actually contributed towards my improvement as a person and as a professional.

But of course, Jipyeong could further improve if he would have more tact when saying his criticisms (like kiss kick kiss approach maybe)— the fault with him, he rarely kiss, he always kicks 🤣🤣🤣

2. Samsam Tech Team’s bonding in the rooftop office that led to think of a new probable venture in the future


3. Dal Mi’s Aha moment: I think Dal Mi realized that her heart is leaning towards the real Nam Do San as shown in the epilogue.


4. Jipyeong is concerned about Samsam Tech as a whole and not just with Dalmi. When he learned of the acquisition of Samsam Tech through his blabbermouth assistant, he immediately rushed off to stop the meeting with 2STO but he was stopped by Yongsan because of his animosity towards Jipyeong.


Sidenote on this item: As shown in the preview to episode 12, it was shown that Jipyeong was probably right about 2STO “Acqhiring” hiring talents in guise of acquisition. A lesson for this is that we sometimes have to let go of our personal emotions when doing business. As much as we adore the kind and approachable people around it’s always not the case, remember Alex saying, he is not a philanthropist.


5. Dalmi’s sacrifice-with the looks of it in the preview , Dalmi advertently implied to him how he is not the Dosan from the letters so that Dosan would choose to go to Silicon Valley. She has to hurt him so that he would not cling to her and forego the opportunity.


Last Note:

I think there’ll be a time skip of some sort for the series. I’m looking forward to how they will overcome this hurdle.

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