KDrama Review: Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty (2020)

Naver/20 episodes of 20 minutes each



Kim Woo Seok as Lee Hyun Jin

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Hang Sung Min as Chae Da Hee

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Park Sang Nam as Jung Ha Jun

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Chan as Son Bo Hyun

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Chae Won Bin Baek Ye Eun

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Jin Ho Eun as Kang Dae Eun

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Twenty-Twenty tells the stories of 20-year-olds who work to find their dreams as they experience freedom and responsibilities for the first time and also the dream and love of twenty-year-olds who share the realistic problems that they face as they just became adults.

THE Feels:

I’m not sure why but this drama gave off a somewhat “sexy” vibe? Is it because most backgrounds are EDMs? I can’t point it out.

It’s a short drama (per timed episode) and most of the casts are new faces for me. I think most of them are new to acting. This is a school, coming-of-age drama that tackled issues like: expectations, being raised by a single mom, divorced parents, bad grades, bullies, and freedom.

Since the characters are close to that of the actors age, I think it was easier for them to be themselves, although I could say that I was a bit concern about the FL’s acting. There’s like a permanent look on her face that is nonchalant or stupefied. It feels like the whole drama is in slow motion when it’s her scene.

My takeaway from this though is the importance of communication between parents and their children. As a parent, always, always take time to listen to your children and not just talk and expect them to

follow your every word. As for the children, listen to ypur parents but if necessary, respectfully voice out your opinion or views if there are things that concerns you…  as parents can only guide their children, our life is still ours to live.

The ending is good enough but of course being a youth drama, it is open for possible spin off.

Story: 4

Pacing: 3.5

Actors: 3

Characters: 3.5

Entertainment Value: 3.5

RATE: 3.5/5

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